Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach (HALO) was created to provide assistance to people and animals in the communities around Hoedspruit. HALO’s goals are to improve animal health and living conditions, prevent and alleviate suffering of domestic animals, encourage and assist in spaying and neutering of pets and to provide education about their animals to the individuals in the community.

About Us

The first community that HALO reached out to was Manoutsa, a small village nestled against the mountains on either side of the R36 between the Tzaneen turnoff and the Strydom Tunnel. Due to its size and location, Manoutsa seemed to be an almost forgotten village when it came to State-run veterinary services and the community was very eager for HALO to assist them with their animals. A wonderful relationship thus began between HALO and Mr Andrea Kobeng, the local tribal office, Collen Muyimana, a member of the Manoutsa community, the rest of Manoutsa and HALO.

It did not stop with Manoutsa, soon the villages of Sigagule (with the assistance of Nourish and African Dream Horse Safaris), The Willows, Tswenyane and California/Moraba joined the list of communities that HALO assists. Many of our communities are impoverished, unemployment is sky high and the owners struggle to provide adequate care for their dogs. Through our outreach programmes, we try to assist owners in this regard.

At each outreach, members of the community are encouraged to bring their animals for dipping, vaccinations and deworming when necessary. All the dogs are examined and any medical conditions are treated on site or taken to one of the local small animal clinics for treatment. Owners are also encouraged to sign up their dogs for sterilisation, which is funded through our “Sponsor-a-Sterilisation” campaign on Facebook.

Complete records, including the owner’s details and information about the dog (name, weight, body condition score, vaccination status, any medical conditions or noteworthy changes etc.), are compiled from each outreach and filed. These records allow the HALO team to keep statistics on the animals in order to keep track of the positive trends in animal care and condition following HALO’s involvement in the community.

Education is a key goal for HALO and its members discuss animal welfare topics such as adequate and proper nutrition, benefits of sterilisation, prevention and treatment of common disorders such as mange, transmissible venereal tumours and fly strike with the animal owners. HALO also runs a “Sponsor-a-Dog” campaign to assist owners with getting their animals sterilised. HALO also assists owners that require more assistance in treating their dog’s medical conditions or food supplementation.

HALO is run completely by volunteers, who draw no salary or compensation from the organisation, so 100% of all funds and goods donated or raised go into funding HALO’s outreaches and assisting the community and its animals.

Getting Involved

The HALO team firmly believes in our motto: “Together we can make a difference.”
If you are in the Hoedspruit area and would like to volunteer at one of outreaches, there are ‘jobs’ for every type of person depending on your experience with handling animals and exactly how hands-on and dirty you wish to get. Please email us at [email protected] if you are keen on volunteering.
If you would like to assist us in other ways, HALO depends entirely on donations in order to make a difference in the communities we assist. HALO is run completely by volunteers, who draw no salary or compensation from the organisation, so 100% of all funds and goods donated or raised go into funding HALO’s outreaches and assisting the community and its animals.Our monthly expenses include vaccinations, dewormers, dip and flea/tick spray, basic wound care ointments and bandages and approximately 550kg of dog food. If you are able to donate towards any of the above, please see our “Donate” page.
HALO also runs two sponsor programmes – “Sponsor-a-Sterilisation” and “Sponsor-a-TVT-Treatment” through our Facebook page. HALO offers free sterilisations and free TVT treatments in the communities it assists.
Not only does sterilising drastically reduce the number of unwanted puppies born into the world, but sterilised animals are healthier, less likely to roam (and be hit by cars) and at a greatly reduced risk of contracting transmissible venereal tumour (TVT). All dogs that are signed up for sterilisations are in our “Sponsor-a-Sterilisation” album. For R850.00, you can choose a dog that speaks to you and change a life!
Transmissible venereal tumour (TVT) is a sexually transmitted cancer that is fatal in dogs. Thankfully it usually responds very well to a six-week course of chemotherapy, which HALO offers owners free of charge together with sterilising their dog – both saving their dog’s life, and protecting other dogs from contracting this terrible disease. TVT treatment costs R600.00 per dog and all available dogs are in our “Sponsor-a-TVT-Treatment” album. Please help is eradicate this disease from our communities.

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